One lock for three parts, easy to use.

6 functions in 1

One lock to control all

Item Name
MBT 3 Multi BBQ Tool
SS 430、3Cr13、2Cr13、Aluminium alloy, PP+polycarbafil

Length of knife blade

Nylon pouch

The lock can avoid the shaking when used.

The liner lock is 1.2mm in thickness, while the handle can be folded and it helps lose the weight of the tool

Saftey in use


The liner lock is 1.2mm in thickness

Upgraded liner lock

Saftey in use


Foldable Design:  Keep away from fire and avoid scalding. Plus, it helps save space and portable.

The handle is made from aluminum alloy, PP+ fiberglass, this makes it lightweight with wonderful look.

The slot line is processed by ribbing technics which improves the whole bearing performance.

Foldable Design

preventing scald structure

Ribbing Technics

Characteristic Handle

Lost Weight——small, light and nice

Mechanism—— Upgraded safe lock, better than before

The knife is molded independently

More portable and beautiful

Safeguard Mechanism, Powerful Upgrade

Load bearing performance has been greatly enhanced

Update feature for 3rd Generation MBT BBQ

Fork, Spatula, Knife, Tongs

4 In 1

Shifted Freely

Saw-tooth structure  

Large area of spatula

Oil control

Saw-tooth structure helps carry food stably to avoid falling down.

2. BBQ Spatula:No matter roast or stir-fly, all is under control

Large area of spatula: not only suitable for barbequing, but also easy for stir-flying of food.

Hollow design: avoid food falling down, leaving out the excess oil of the meat.

1. BBQ Fork: Fork into food, check the doneness of food

Comfort Grab Feel: With High elastic spring, you could use it freely, and its lightweight is competent for long time operation.

Competent for long

time operation

Bevel spatula


Comfort Grab Feel

Safety and stable: The liner lock structure avoids shaking when used the tongs, and let you enjoy the BBQ.

Bevel spatula: Can fork into meat easily.

3.BBQ Tongs: perfect combination of the fork and spatula

Wonderful Look: break out the traditional design, the knife is on the go in style.


13cm blade

Safe Liner lock

13cm blade: Long enough to avoid from scalding when cut food on the oven.

Handy safe lock: Need to press switch when open or close, it avoids blade cuts.

4.Knife: Wonderful look, safe and practical



Use friendly, taste the peculiar flavour of wine and barbequing.

Bottle Opener


Essential assistant to pen all kinds of beer, soda bottles.

Preferably with best food, carnival for fine wine

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