Door handles, elevator buttons in public places,
are touched by various people every day.
The bacteria carried on it are also of various types and countless.

If touching with hands, the invisible bacteria and virus become hidden hazard,
could even trigger a vicious viral epidemic.
How can we protect ourselves by reducing direct contact with hands?

Be your own security guard in public
Mini Size
Weight  only 27g, easy to carry in daily life
13 Functions
Solve all troubles with one card tool
Touch button  
Flat screwdriver
Door opener  
Spoke key 3.5mm
Stylus press
Bottle opener
Box opener  
Door knob hook
Hex wrench 14mm
Phillips screwdriver
Hex wrench 10mm
Spoke key 4.2mm
Door knob hook
Built-in 2 small rotating handles, can firmly grasp the door handle, prevent sliding, easily help open the door.
Made of natural antibacterial
copper material, effective against
bacteria and viruses.
Push down to open the door
The battle between copper and bacteria
Positively charged copper ion PK Negatively charged bacteria
Carry garbage
Go to the supermarket
Door opener
The U-shaped semi-enclosed design can quickly fix the target,
twist the door lock or open the water faucet.
Suitable for pressing the buttons on ATM machine, doorbells, password door locks, light switches, toilet flush button, and etc..
Capacitive silicone rubber material, which simulates the touch of real fingers, easily do what you can with your hands.
Touch button
Stylus press
Self-service Pick-up
Banking business
Browse information
Self-help pay
Quick access, high elasticity buckle.
Tightly closed design, not afraid of loss.
Bottle opener
2 ways to open bottle, a good helper for carnival
Not worry about opening the parcel.
Box opener
Spoke key
Including spoke key in 3.5mm and 4.2mm size, solves  the repair problem easily in outdoor cycling.
Hex wrench
Hex wrench in 10mm and 14mm size are included.
Flat screwdriver
Daily disassembly and installment, easy to get.
Phillips screwdriver
Intimate little assistant, solve life trivia.
Product details
CNC manufacturing technique
Ergonomic handle
Smooth outline without burrs, firm and durable structure.
The arc design creates a comfortable grip. The rear section  adopts a ring design,
which is more convenient for stable  hooking of fingers and convenient operation.
Notice: Since this tool is often used in public places, in order for long-term use,  please disinfect it with appropriate alcohol after use.
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